Robert Pattinson: ‘Twilight’ Fans Kept a Certain Image of Me

It’s been four years since Robert Pattinson has played a vampire on screen and he’s still feeling the consequences.

The 29-year-old actor covered the newest issue of Numéro Homme magazine in which he chatted about the lasting effect his days as Edward Cullen had on movie audiences. Fair warning, the English translation of the French publication is a little dodgy. “I imagine the audience kept a certain image of me,” he said. “I always feel like I have to prove myself. I did not have enough lead roles to make the people forget about it or to see me any differently. Waiting for that, I follow my path, with the constant reminder to diversify myself.”

The chiseled actor explained that he’s still processing the exhilarating, terrifying experience of starring in a massive movie franchise. “I had a chaotic progression, with moments of explosion. It took years to digest what happened to me, the movies’ success, the celebrity… [Before] I did not have a career’s plan, not particular ambition. I had to create them from time to time.”

Robert Pattinson Covers the Newest Issue of Numéro Homme
CREDIT: Numéro Homme

Pattinson also acknowledged that the Twilight films afforded him the freedom to step back and figure out what he really wants to do. “That said, my career has not suffered from it. I am not blacklisted from anywhere yet. I am working with whomever I want… So I don’t have the intention to force the audience to change their point of view. I need things to go in an organic way. Maybe one day I’ll be seen differently.”

Also, if you’ve ever written a tweet about your favorite movie star and wondered if they themselves actually read it…sometimes they do. “Well, I must admit I still fall into the trap, fall into Internet limbo by looking at what is said about me,” the actor revealed. “At least I never felt the need to leave comments!”

The new issue of Numéro Homme hits newsstands on Wednesday, March 2, 2016.