WATCH: Stacey Dash Copies Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets, Ruins it for Everyone

Please, just go away.

On Sunday night (Feb. 28, 2016), Stacey Dash made the most awkward Oscars appearance in recent history and everyone kind of hoped she would just go away afterwards. Unfortunately, Dash absolutely refuses to leave and actually decided to prolong the awkwardness of her Oscars appearance, by staging her own Jimmy Kimmel Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, as soon as she got off the stage.

Dash, still in her Oscars gown, reads tweets sent to her directly after her appearance, and it’s not even close to as funny as Kimmel’s bit. While the comments aren’t funny, these heroic tweets basically say what we were all thinking Sunday night. “wtf @REALStaceyDash,” and “@REALStaceyDash you sucked at the Oscars like you do on @foxnews,” and “you looked foolish and sounded dumb.”

If you must, you can watch the whole video for yourself here, but you’ve been warned.