#WCW: 13 Rebel Wilson One-Liners That Made Us Die Laughing

Who Would She Rather?
Justin Bieber or Harry Styles?

Happy birthday Rebel Wilson!

Over the years, the actress has blessed us with some of the funniest one-liners ever. Therefore, to celebrate her 35th birthday, we not only made her Celebuzz’s Woman Crush Wednesday, but we paid homage to her comedic genius. Who will ever forget how funny she was in Bridesmaids? Or her hilarious role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect? These movies would probably not have been the same had she not been in them.

More often than not, Wilson has us in stitches when she’s around — and it’s because she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She’s rude, she’s rowdy, she’s really, really, funny. That’s why it comes to no one’s surprise that she is just as charming off-screen as she is on.

Check out the gallery above for the Aussie’s funniest one-liners!