Dan Amboyer Talks ‘Younger’, His Love for Cats, Scooping Hilary Duff’s Boob, and Those Green Lantern Rumors

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Celebuzz had the opportunity to have a one-on-one with the very pleasant and handsome actor Dan Amboyer.

You might be familiar with Amboyer through his work as Prince William in William and Catherine: A Royal Romance, and most recently as Thad Steadman in Younger, where he plays the boyfriend of Hilary Duff’s character, Kelsey Peters.

Amboyer first became interested in acting as a child after seeing several plays with his parents. The Michigan native tells us that his parents weren’t involved with the industry at all, so his interest in acting was developed out of genuine curiosity. His mother is a public school teacher and his father is a jail warden. Because his mom has an appreciation for the arts, both his parents had no problem supporting Amboyer when he decided to pursue acting at a very young age. Amboyer started participating in elementary school plays and his parents helped him build a resume from there. After submitting that resume, along with some head shots to a professional theater in his city, he landed his first professional gig at eight years-old.

The Younger actor will next be seen as a “drone pilot” rumored to be named Lieutenant Christie in the highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film, with Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck reprising their roles as Superman and Batman, respectively. Amboyer tells us exclusively what it’s like to be on set of a DC comic adaptation, sexy time with Hilary Duff, and shares three things we should know about him.

CELEBUZZ: In Younger, your character, Thad is known for not being the nicest guy. What was it about him that made you want to take on the role?

Dan: “When I auditioned for the show originally, Thad had been there since the first episode, but there wasn’t too much too him. I really didn’t know where I’d go with him from there… I really wanted to do it because Darren Star is the creator, and he’s known for Sex and the City, and here you have this man offering me a job, so I was like ‘I think I’ll do it.’”

I always think about him (Thad) as a work in progress, and I don’t think there has been a chance to see the good in him, but you get to see a change in this latest episode. You know, when you suddenly realize that you have taken someone for granted, and they’re gone, it makes you want to step your game up, and so I’ve connected with that. There’s four more episodes to come (this season) so you’ll guys see where it goes.”

CB: Filming of Younger takes Place in New York. Since you’re originally from Michigan, how do you like living here?

Dan: “New York has everything, so you can do anything. Last season we filmed primarily in Brooklyn, in season two we’ve shot a lot in Manhattan. We’ll go to certain locations, restaurants, bars, and I’ll be like I didn’t even know this place existed. I’ll go back with friends and tell them to come check out this cool restaurant… It’s easy in New York to always find something to do. Like I just went to fashion week and went to some shows.”

CB: Are you interested in stuff like that?

Dan: “Well I’m curious about it. I get sent clothes, and they’ll tell me to wear it, and I’ll say ‘yes I will.’ I like it and I’ll appreciate it. I know I’m entering an arena so I know I have a responsibility to further invest some time into it.”

CB: What’s one behind the scene story on the set of Younger that you can share with our readers?

Dan: “There’s one from season one. So we shot the pilot in like January or February, months later the show was picked up and we didn’t come back to shoot the second episode until the fall. My very first scene on the second episode was with Hilary and we were in bed, and I’m trying to have her have sex, and I have a scene where I have to reach around and grab her boob. I was so nervous because I hadn’t seen her in so long, and I had to grab her boob, but she’s the sweetest woman. It was just so weird to not see someone for nine months, and all of sudden we see each other again and I have to grab her boob. So they only wanted this shot once with one camera, so it becomes this big thing on how I’m suppose to grab her boob. Darren Star directed the episode and he was very specific on how it was suppose to happen, and it was basically me having to scoop it. So this whole scene became about having to touch Hilary Duff’s breast and everything else had to go out the window, so all I can focus on was making sure that I scooped the boob right. I mean we all laughed about it and everyone was a good sport.”

CB: What can you tell DC fans about your character in the upcoming Batman V Superman film?

Dan: “Warner Bros. doesn’t really want me to reveal much. I can say that I was there! But I can honestly say it was a really fun experience to be there at all. It’s a completely different world. When you’re going into production  and into that set, you realize how huge that whole world is. They built these stages that makes you feel like you’re literally walking into another world. It’s so massive and it’s like they built Disney World for a movie. And I’m just thinking ‘What is this world that I’m stepping into?’… It’s definitely very intimidating to walk into something like that, right before you start shooting, but you know you just gotta have fun with it.”

CB: Have you seen the film yet?

Dan: “I haven’t seen it. I have to wait until the premiere, but I prefer it that way anyway. I rather see it when it’s completely done. It’s even hard for me to even watch myself, but that’s the case with most actors. It’s weird if an actor is like, ‘I love watching myself.’ But you really have to suffer through it. You learn from it… it’s healthy and it makes you up your game and know what you need to improve on. So i’ll definitely be doing that when I go watch the movie.”

CB: Your name has recently been attached to a particular DC Character (The Green Lantern), are you allowed to clarify anything on that?

Dan:It’s exciting to me that fans are rooting for me to play this character. It’s definitely overwhelming to see that people are excited about it and I appreciate all the support. it’s funny because I’ve auditioned to play Superman in Man of Steel, and I never got the response like that. Like I can’t believe that people are talking about the possibility of this role, and they’re behind the idea of me playing this character.”

CB: What’s the scariest part of auditioning for any role?

Dan: “For me, I’ve gone through different phases, but right now it’s the volume. The volume for me is so high… I might get nine pages the night before for one audition, and five pages for another one. And you’re expected to have it memorized and to create a character that excites the creative team enough to make them hire you to play the leading role in a film or TV show or whatever it is. What makes me nervous is always being on top of my game as much to help me land a job. I don’t really get nervous about the people I’ll audition for, especially if it’s people I admire and want to work with, it actually makes me more excited. It’s all about creating a competition for myself and making sure I memorize everything I get. Memorizing is definitely the hardest part.”

CB: Not so long ago, People Magazine named you sexiest man of the week, how did that make you feel? Did you brag bout it to your friends and family?

Dan: It was really funny. I got it in an email, and I was like ‘What? What? really’? It was just funny to me because I was like a chubby kid, and you’re like is this really happening to me? Is this real? When you’re 13, 16, and you look in the mirror, that’s who you think you always are. So it’s cool, but I don’t take it seriously. Like I don’t know what committee was behind this, but thank you!

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CB: What’s your favorite medium of acting to perform on?

Dan: “I love it all,  whether it’s TV, film, or theater… In Younger we’re now going into the third season so it’s nice when you get to stick to the same people, and it’s nice to just have that consistency, but I also enjoy the new challenges that come along with it; the new story lines, character development, how your character is constantly growing, so I do like TV a lot more. With Films or Plays you work with a character for 6 months or so and then you never see them again so it’s just nice to have familiar people.”

CB: Can you list three things about yourself that you would like our readers to know about you? Dan: 

  1.  “I am not Thad. Don’t yell mean things to me on the street. No really it’s sweet, because people would come to me and tell me you’re such a douchebag, and I’ll be like okay I’m going to be really nice to you so that you see that that’s not me. So I promise I won’t be a douche bag if you come up to me.”
  2. “I love animals. I have a parrot. A green amazon parrot. She talks… I’ve had her for 7 ½ years. I also have three cats. They follow me around when I get home. Two of them are named after presidents, Teddy Roosevelt and John Quincy Adams. And then there’s Lucille.”
  3. “I paint. I’ve been painting since I was a kid. My mom paints, and I’ve also taken painting classes.”

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CB: If you had to choose a dream role right now, what would it be?

Dan: If I had to choose a dream role at this point of my life it would be for a TV show, on a prime network like HBO or Showtime. I love the freedom that those networks have over their own projects. When you do shows for ABC or CBS, everything has to go over a filter, and needs to be approved by their sponsors. So I really want to work on a character that can develop over multiple seasons, that can really grow and have challenges. I just want to do something where I can dig in deeper.”

CB: Are there any recent projects that out readers can expect from you?

Dan: I have nothing official to announce yet, but Younger got picked up for season 3, which I’m excited about. I’ll be there, and it’ll be fun too because we’ve shot before in the fall and winter for the past two seasons and this time we get started in June, which is summer time in New York. So it’s going to be a whole different feel. It’ll be fun!

We wish Dan the best of luck in his future endeavors! If you’d like to keep up with Dan, you can check out Younger which airs Wednesdays on TV Land at 10 pm. You can also see him on the big screen when Batman V Superman hits the theaters on March 25.

Check out the trailer below, and while you’re at it, you check out his Instagram here!