Kanye West’s Next Target Is Deadmau5: Mocks the DJ’s ‘Minnie Mouse’ Mask

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Don't expect to see the rapper out on the street anytime soon...

It all started with a screengrab…

Recently, Kanye West shared a picture featuring the Sufjan Stevens song “Death with Dignity” playing on YouTube. Seems harmless enough, right? Well, Deadmau5 noticed something peculiar in the picture and decided to mention it. Another tab is open on the “All Day” rapper’s computer which is clearly the Pirate Bay torrent site.

It appears that Kanye is pirating a copy of Serum, some music editing software which Deadmau5 reportedly owns some shares in. It’s odd enough that Kanye needs to pirate anything considering he’s an enormously successful musician, but music editing software? So, the DJ decided to take action.

As you can imagine, the rapper did not hesitate to clap back. Many, many times.

Did Deadmau5 not know that he’d attract the ire of the hip-hop star by calling him out? This is what Kanye does! The fact that these two are fellow “Tidal owners” is just icing on this illegally downloaded donut.