Police Say Salma Hayek’s Neighbor Was ‘Justified’ in Shooting Her Dog

Salma Hayek is heart broken.

Last week Hayek revealed to her Instagram followed that her dog Mozart had passed away after being shot in the chest. At the time, the actress didn’t know who shot her dog, or why, but now details of his last moments are being revealed and police are saying no one is at fault.

Time reports:

Mozart was under the watch of the caretaker of Hayek’s property near Yelm in Washington state when he and some of Hayek’s other dogs strayed and took off running toward the sound of barking dogs nearby, authorities said. A necropsy revealed Mozart bled to death after being struck by a pellet that traveled between two ribs and nicked a pulmonary artery.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Officesaid Monday that Hayek’s neighbor shot at the dog with a pellet gun after he found it fighting with two of his dogs in his garage. “There was no crime involved,” Lt. Cliff Ziesemer told TIME on Tuesday. “We determined it was justified.” The case was closed on Monday and will be sent to the Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office for review. No charges were filed.

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