Sam Smith Announces Social Media Cleanse with One Last Reference to His Oscars Win

Smith: Heal thyself.

Sam Smith is signing off from social media for a while following his Oscars speech blunder, in which he alleged that he might be the first openly-gay man to win an Academy Award even though he definitely wasn’t.

Smith was first alerted in a press conference following his win for “Writing’s on the Wall” when a reporter informed him that Howard Ashman won in the same category twice for “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid and for “Beauty and the Beast”. Smith replied, “I should know him. We should date.”

Ashman passed away in 1991 as a result of complications from AIDS.

Then, Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black called him out on Twitter by referencing his Oscar and by telling him to stop texting his fiancé, Tom Daley. Smith apologized for his mistake, but Black still felt the need to drive his point home.

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