WATCH: ’Suicide Squad’ Star Margot Robbie Plays the Whisper Challenge with Jimmy Fallon

Harley Quinn better stick with wreaking havoc!

Margot Robbie, star of Suicide Squad, stopped by The Tonight Show to play the Whisper Challenge with host Jimmy Fallon. And although Fallon is conspicuously good at every game on his show (Lip Sync Challenge, anyone?), Robbie wasn’t much competition with this one!

If you’re not familiar, the Whisper Challenge is when one person puts on a pair of headphones and blasts music and the other person whispers a phrase off a card. Then, the music listener must guess what was whispered.

The stunning actress had particular trouble with the word “Labradoodle,” while the audience died. Of course, Fallon guessed every one of his words correct, but you gotta love Margot’s pluck!

Check out the amazing segment!