Someone Is Accusing Reese Witherspoon of Being a Thief

Reese Witherspoon is in legal hot water.

The Oscar winner and her lifestyle company, Draper James, is being sued for $5 million after allegedly copying another business’ design.

Jordann Weingartner, the owner of multimillion dollar business I Love Jewelry, alleges Draper James’ floral logo was ripped off of pieces from their 2008 Magnolia Collection. She has filed a lawsuit in federal court in West Palm Beach for copyright and trademark infringement because Draper James is using a similar flower-shaped design as its current insignia.

“She literally stole my magnolia,” Weingartner told Page Six. “I drew the design for my Magnolia Collection back in 2008. The flower isn’t a traditional magnolia flower, it is my artistic take on a magnolia.”

Left: Design from Magnolia Collection; Right: Draper James' logo
CREDIT: I Love Jewelry/Draper James

She added, “My design actually looks nothing like a magnolia, and Draper James not only took the design, but also decided to call it a magnolia.”

Weingartner also claims Witherspoon was aware of her design before the conception of Draper James because the jewelry designer’s publicists had previously sent a Magnolia Collection necklace to the actress.

Witherspoon’s attorney allegedly called the suit “out of precedent” and told Weingartner that she “doesn’t settle” after reviewing it prior to filing.

According to Forbes, Draper James raised $10 million from investors in 2015. It currently sells clothing, accessories, and home goods on its online store to 15 countries worldwide.