WATCH: Morgan Freeman’s Dramatic Reading of ‘Love Yourself’ Will Make You Reconsider Your Life Choices

You think he’s crying on his own? He ain’t.

It was bad enough when Justin Bieber told you that his gregarious mother doesn’t care much for you, but when Morgan Freeman says it, it cuts all the more deep. Freeman’s dramatic reading of Bieber’s “Love Yourself” from the album Purpose is a definitive send-off of your useless ass.

He’s tired of you raining on his parade and getting into clubs, presumably those of the bird watching variety, by using his name. Morgan was caught up in his job, promoting London Has Fallen — really couldn’t see what was going on! But now he knows. He’s better sleeping on his own.

Watch the actor’s prolific reading in the video from Vanity Fair on The Scene at the top of the page.