Did Henry Cavill Just Reveal That Superman Will Appear in ‘Wonder Woman’?

The upcoming Wonder Woman film maybe, possibly, hopefully just got a lot more super…

Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC and Warner Bros. hope to build their own coherent world in which marquee superheroes all seemingly coexist and at times work together, lending every property some credibility. Ben Affleck’s Batman is going to pop up in the ensemble film Suicide Squad and rumor has Jared Leto’s Joker could appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, although it’s just as likely speculation.

But will Superman be joining any other films in the DC Extended Universe? Henry Cavill chatting with Brazilian magazine Superinteressante, who asked the chiseled actor if the Man of Steel would be fighting crime in Suicide Squad.

“Not in Suicide Squad,” Cavill stated. There is some logic to that. Suicide Squad is being packaged as a gritty villain-filled romp that doesn’t need Superman flying around with his existential conundrums. However, could Clark Kent’s alter ego grace the screen in the Wonder Woman standalone?

“In Wonder Woman, I haven’t heard anything yet, but watch that space. And in anything else, I don’t know just yet if anything else gets shot between.”

That certainly seems to hint that the mere prospect is on the table. A Superman cameo is a smart move for the Gal Gadot vehicle. Although the Wonder Woman film will likely do well at the box office on its own, appearances from other stars in the DC galaxy is a way to tease future films and offer something special for superfans.

Gadget recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the serious lack of female superheroes at multiplexes and how encouraging it is to be a part of the Wonder Woman franchise.

“Most of the movies, the men are in charge, the men are the most powerful ones,” Gadot said. “You’ve had Superman and Batman and everyone, but Wonder Woman was never there.”

Gadot said that the role is especially important to her because she gets to portray a character her four-year-old daughter can someday look up to; a character just as capable and strong as the male superheroes. “I’m so happy when she grows up she’s going to see a female figure she can be inspired by.”