This Is What It Feels Like to Have Your Heart Broken by Greek Yogurt God, John Stamos

We’ll always have Jamie Lee Curtis.

Hope you bought a warrantee on your heart because it’s about to break. John Stamos coyly revealed on Friday’s episode of The View that he might be surrendering his bachelor status.

Panelist Joy Behar boldly asked Stamos how he prefers his ladies. “Do you like your women submissive or dominant?,” she asked. He responded. “I just like my women, either way.”


But then, he threw our collective heart into the gutter with an anecdote about how he whipped out his phone during his tour with The Beach Boys to film a drum solo for a certain someone.

“The other night, I grabbed my phone because there’s this girl I’m dating,” he teased. “She loves this song ‘Disney Girl’. So I grabbed my phone and put it in front of [me] to shoot the whole thing. I thought I got away with it. And people were like, ‘Who are you FaceTiming?'”


So is she dominant or submissive? TBD–Stamos promised he’d let Behar know by “tomorrow night”.


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