Scott Disick Requires Girls to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to Hang Out

'Really Dark Place'
Has Scott Disick fallen off the wagon again?

Getting to spend time with Scott Disick comes at a legal price.

Lord Disick is now making mandatory that any woman who would like to spend time with him sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure they won’t spill the beans to tabloids.

The 32-year-old father to Kourtney Kardashian’s three children is reportedly back to his partying ways in Mexico after a stint in a Malibu treatment facility last November.

A source revealed to Page Six that Scott is currently holed up in a villa belonging to’Girls Gone Wild’ founder, Joe Francis.

The spy claims that Disick is making any girls coming to chill with him sign an NDA as well as give up their cell phones.

However, the source reveals that “[Scott’s] Mr. Doom and Gloom,” preferring to discuss his custody woes rather than partying.

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