Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This Mini ‘Gilmore Girls’ Reunion

What does this mean?!?!?

When Netflix announced it was officially bringing back Gilmore Girls, everyone (yes, everyone) was ecstatic. Almost immediately fans began to speculate who exactly would return and were delighted to find out that every major character signed on, everyone but one. Unfortunately, Melissa McCarthy insisted she had never been asked to return to Stars Hallow, breaking the hearts of fans everywhere, how is Lorelai supposed to survive without Sookie St. James?

Over the weekend, fans finally got a little glimmer of hope that McCarthy may actually return to Stars Hallow, after she took a selfie with Yanic Truesdale aka Michel Gerard.

Scotch, great meal and catching up with my old friend @melissamccarthy, can’t ask for more! Dont read anything into it guys.

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In his caption Truesdale specifically says, “Dont read anything into it,” but how are we supposed to do that?! Of course, we’re reading into it and this means Sookie is back, right?!?! We get the feeling we’ll have to wait for the show to hit Netflix before we finally find out, but Michel’s got his work cut out for him.