The 1975 Have a New Album and It’s Pretty Amazing

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The 1975 released their latest album I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it on February 26, and fans will definitely be pleased. 

With this album, the band has stayed true to their long-winded lyrics and synthesized style, but there are some definite changes this time around. Their last and title album, The 1975, focused more on solemn sounds and slower songs. The 1975 was also recognizable because of their loyalty to a black and white color scheme.

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This time around, the band has adopted a new favorite color: bubblegum pink. This is especially apparent in the two videos and singles that were first released by them, “The Sound” and “Love Me.” Both songs and videos paint the picture of what the band thinks “fame” is. In “The Sound” music video, the band seems to be trapped in a glass box, surrounded by people pointing and judging. The screen occasionally flashes to critical quotations, one of them being, “bubblegum,” a nod at what critics think of their sound, explaining the new choice in signature color.

The Sound

Love Me

The 1975 seems to be taking the satirical approach to what the critics think of their music and this is especially apparent in the song “Love Me”. Matt Healy, the lead singer of the band, utters the lyrics “Reading ’bout yourself on a plane, fame, what a shame,” and then goes into the very sarcastic chorus, where Healy is almost shouting the words “Love me!”

The rest of the album is dispersed with instrumentals, lyrical references to their previous album, references to Healy’s personal life and falling out of love songs. While they have still kept their signature sound, there is a difference in feeling with this album. The previous album had a longing to it, and music that expressed a want and need for love, while I like it better when you sleep… has the theme of separation, individuality and self-involvement.


There is a major difference in the style of their music too. While their first album was band-focused and alternative rock, the band now seems to be adopting a more electronic and pop-centric sound.

This is definitely a new direction for the band, but fans will most definitely be satisfied about them changing things up.

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