Chrissy Teigen Is Already Thinking About a Second Cookbook

There has never been a more appropriate time for a big ‘ol, “YAAAAASSSSS.”

Just off the hot release of her first cookbook, Chrissy Teigen is already simmering up ideas for a second. However, she told SELF that writing her first was nothing short of an intimidating task.

“I always thought the name of my first book would be ‘The Insecure Chef’, because when I started cooking I was so nervous,” she said, recalling the times when her husband John Legend would salvage a perfectly good recipe trial from hitting the garbage can.

“Why would you throw this away?” he’d say. “It’s delicious!”

The lover of food had trepidations about putting out a cookbook given her profession, admitting that she rolls her eyes when other models say that they love to eat pizza. “I’ve always been the first one to say, ‘Bulls**t! No you don’t.’ So I’ve been hyperaware of that,” says Teigen, “and I waited years to write a cookbook because I wanted people to know I really do love food.”

It’s evident in the New York Times-bestseller that Teigen is the consummate model foodie.

She says that Legend has been her rock throughout the process of in vitro fertilization along with spiritual reassurance in the form of an amulet necklace from her sister that was blessed in a temple in Thailand.

“One of the things that saved us is that we never did that real fertility thing, where you’re looking at the ovulation clock and saying, ‘Honey, get home; we have to do it right now.’ John would say, ‘Let’s never be that couple that has to schedule sex, where we put it on the calendar and say, OK, this is our night.’ So before we did IVF, even if we went a few days or a week, our feeling was, it’s cool, who cares?”

Teigen hopes to be pregnant through her 30s, wishing for four children with Legend on the other side. “I hope that when we do have those four kids, John and I can look at each other and know that it’s us against them,” she says. “We are going to love the s**t out of our kids, but we are going to team up and fight in pairs!”

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