‘Daredevil’: New Images of Punisher Have Arrived for Season 2

See how The Punisher will look!

New images have been releasing teasing what Daredevil’s comic book peers will look like in the next season of the Netflix series.

The newest press materials feature Jon Bernthal sporting a leather jacket and Punisher’s unmistakable skull image on his chest. Likewise, Elodie Yung rocks a simple black and purple suit and mask as Elektra.

If that doesn’t have you giddy for new installments of the Marvel series, perhaps this will. A billboard recently went up in Toronto showcasing the three main characters in action. Daredevil (Charlie Cox) looks pretty terrific, as does Elektra with her signature sais. Oh wait…is Punisher holding a Gatling gun!?

'Daredevil' Billboard in Toronto

That’s some serious hardware for a TV series. Here’s hoping Netflix delivers on the action they’re teasing fans with!

Here’s the new season’s trailer:

Daredevil season two arrives on March 18, 2016.