Farrah Abraham Banned From Uber After Making False Rape Claims About Driver

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Farrah Abraham claims she was "drugged and raped more than once."

Farrah Abraham might want to stick to carpooling from now on.

The Teen Mom OG star was banned from using Uber after admittedly lying about getting “almost raped” by one of the car service’s drivers.

On a recent episode of her podcast, Farrah & Friends, the 24-year-old alleged that she was almost sexually assaulted by a driver while being picked up from a Long Island hotel in January 2015.

“An Uber driver almost raped me,” she revealed on the show, claiming that on-and-off boyfriend Simon Saran and the driver got into an argument afterward.

“My non-boyfriend threw him in the window and almost broke his car window,” she claimed. “The Persian dude ran after me. The cops were like, ‘You’re harassing her’ and I was like, ‘See I told you!’ and then I went to bed.”

However, Uber officials said an investigation on their end not only showed that Abraham never reported the attempted rape to the app or to the Nassau County Police, but that the reality star and Saran were actually the instigators in the situation. 

“We have no record of a complaint from a rider on this trip ever reporting any incident like this,” Uber spokesman Matt Wing told Page Six. “Her rider account was banned because an Uber driver-partner reported that a friend traveling with her dumped their alcoholic drink on the front seat of the partner’s car.”

After word got out that Uber was taking the allegations seriously and looking into the matter, Abraham backtracked on her claims and admitted that the driver never attempted to assault her, but was just “looking at her lecherously” and that “it could have escalated into a rape situation.”

“I got into the car and the gentleman was looking me up and down,” she said. “Something was wrong with him, like he was mentally disabled.”

Previously, Abraham claimed thatJames Deen, her co-star in Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom and Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, had raped her after multiple adult film actresses accused the porn actor of sexual assault. In 2014, Abraham revealed that she was “drugged and raped more than once” while promoting her adult film. Vivid Entertainment exec Steve Hirsch later denied the allegations and called Abraham “a fraud” for speaking out.