Kim Kardashian Joins Snapchat and Lets the World Know on Twitter

Stop Sex Tape Talk
Kim Kardashian isn't ready to go down without a fight.

The reigning Queen of Social Media, Kim Kardashian, is extending her reign to include Snapchat.

After a brief hiatus from social media, Kim K. is back with a vengeance.

She recently posted several nude photos on Instagram, tweeted out scathing responses to several celebrity haters and has now joined Snapchat.

Not to be outdone by brother Rob Kardashian, who also recently started his own account with the social media outlet, Kim will now start posting snaps.

She posted a screengrab of her first snap, which includes a photo bomb from her older sister, Kourtney Kardashian.

But don’t get too excited–Kim is still keeping her account private, but at least this is confirmation for her fans that it does exist.