The 9 Best New Songs of the Week: Kendrick Lamar, PJ Harvey, Meghan Trainor, and More

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So much new music is released each week that it’s impossible to hear it all. Not that you’d want to; a lot of it isn’t so hot. But let us help simplify your search for new sounds with a roundup of the week’s 9 best new songs. Trust us. We have good taste. (And check out last week’s collection if you’re hunger has still not been sated.)

Meghan Trainor – “No”

The pop world arguably does not need another Meghan Trainor song. But since she’s released one anyways, it’s worth noting that “No” is totally ten times better than all of her other songs (it’s very ’90s and clearly Trainor knows you can’t go wrong with that). – Kaitlyn

Kristin Kontrol – “X-Communicate”

Kristin Kontrol is the solo project of Dum Dum Girls’ Dee Dee (whose real name, if that wasn’t already confusing enough, is Kristin Welchez). “X-Communicate” doesn’t sound much like Dum Dum Girls; in fact, it sounds more like a Pet Shop Boys single than anything else. It’s bright, danceable new wave with a big pop chorus. It was surprising, and it is fantastic. – Matt

Into It. Over It. – “Anesthetic”

I’m an emo kid that never grew out of the phase. So naturally, I’m drawn to sad songs and Into It. Over It.’s “Anesthetic” tugs at my heartstrings just as Bright Eyes did to me over a decade ago. The song sounds like as though The Weakerthans and Stars — two amazing Canadian bands you should also check out — had love child and The Good Life raised it. Whatever the case may be, it’s perfect for an old sad sack like me. – Gabi

PJ Harvey – “The Community of Hope”

CREDIT: Island Records

For 25 years, PJ Harvey has been one of the most important and influential recording artists in the world. She is set to release The Hope Six Demolition Project, her first album in more than five years, in April. “The Community of Hope” is our second official taste of the record, and it continues the Harvey’s exploration of social and world issues. But don’t let the subject matter fool you: the song is rocking, uplifting, incisive, funny, and catchy as f***. You’ll be singing “They’re gonna put a Walmart here” for the rest of the day. Listen to “The Community of Hope” here (skip to 50:39). – Matt

ANOHNI – “Drone Bomb Me”

ANOHNI, who formerly recorded as Antony & the Johnsons, is gearing up to release her first full album of original material in years. “Drone Bomb Me” is the second taste from the upcoming Hopelessness, and it is, after one listen, one of the most powerful and affecting tracks of the year so far. (Fair warning: the song is written from the perspective of a young girl whose family has been killed by a U.S. drone strike.) Naomi Campbell also turns in a stunning performance in the video (above). I have high hopes for Hopelessness. – Matt

Years & Years feat. Tove Lo – “Desire”

This pop jam was featured on the Years & Years’ album Communion and has been remixed with added vocals from Tove Lo. The music video itself is an inclusive, sex and gender-positive celebration of love. – Michael

Kendrick Lamar – “untitled 02 | 06.23.2014″

As you probably know by now, Kendrick Lamar surprise-released an eight-song album called untitled unmastered last week. The album is a complete work, and it is hard to take one song out of its context. But after nearly a week of listening, “untitled 2″ is a standout moment for me. In the track, Kendrick finds himself in the belly of the beast, but it’s OK because he managed to bring three or four different flows with him. – Matt

AlunaGeorge feat. Popcaan – “I’m in Control”

British electro-soul duo AlunaGeorge (singer Aluna Francis and instrumentalist George Reid) just released their “I’m in Control,” which is the first single off their forthcoming sophomore album I Remember. The dancehall-flavored track features a verse from Jamaican rapper Popcaan. This song makes you wish summer was here! – Michael

Rihanna – “Never Ending (Felix Cartal Remix)”

Felix Cartal remixed Rihanna’s “Never Ending” off her new album ANTI. Since “Never Ending” was definitely one of my favorite songs (in addition to “Work” and “Yeah I Said It”) from the album, I’ve really been feeling this upbeat but chill take and I’ve had it on repeat since it dropped earlier this week on Soundcloud. – Kaitlyn

Come back next week (and not a moment before then! JK!) for another batch of fresh music.