Justin Bieber & Co. Accidentally Drank and Ditched at a Bar in Seattle

“Sorry” is always on brand.

Justin Bieber did something he wasn’t supposed to do again, but this time it was caught on a surveillance camera. TMZ reports that Bieber bailed on a $130 bar tab after an altercation nearly broke out with a fan. The singer kicked off his tour in Seattle on Wednesday night, so he and seven of his pals went to The Whisky Bar and ordered rounds of $15 shots of GlenDronah — a 12-year-old single malt scotch.

A female fan allegedly asked for a photo, but was immediately denied by one of his dancers. One of her male friends started getting loud, so Bieber’s group went outside “for a smoke” and never returned to settle the bill. A source says that his bodyguard was supposed to pay the tab, but never did in the chaos, so they settled the bill on Wednesday night.


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