Movie Casting Update: Michael Keaton Will Train an Assassin, Jason Segel Must Face the Afterlife

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We’ve searched the internet for all the film casting news you need to know and compiled only the must-see roles. There’s new stuff on the way for Michael Keaton, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman and Jason Segel!

An adaptation of Vince Flynn’s book American Assassin is underway and Michael Keaton has joined the production. He’ll be playing a Cold War veteran who teaches the young assassin everything he needs to know. They have hopes that this could be the beginning of a prosperous franchise for CBS Films and Lionsgate. [Deadline]

Jason Segel is replacing Nicholas Hoult in the lead role for The Discovery, a science fiction love story set two years after concrete evidence of an afterlife has been uncovered. Robert Redford will play Segel’s father and the man behind the monumental discovery. Rooney Mara will play the woman Segel falls in love with. [The Wrap]

Friends alumna Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman are teaming up for Significant Other,  a comedy about a driven female businesswoman (Aniston) in contention for a coveted CEO position. As part of the interview process the company wants to get to know her spouse, a course, stay-at-home parent played by Bateman. Presumably, Aniston’s character will have to decide which matters more: her career or her husband. [The Hollywood Reporter]