20 Former Child Stars That Are Still Famous Today

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Blake Shelton Is Hosting the 2016 Kids' Choice Awards
Yesterday, Blake Shelton teased he had some big news

The 29th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards, hosted by Blake Shelton, are airing on March 12th and kids everywhere are excited to see if their favorite picks get chosen as winners. Or, even more likely, kids will be tuning in to see if celebs get slimed

After having the kid-driven award show for 29 years, viewers have seen former winners, nominees and child actors in general grow up into adults before their eyes. Some celebrities took a long break from their fame after their childhood was over, while some decided that they wanted to stay in the spotlight.

Actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling both got their start acting as kids. Actresses/singers Miley, Demi, Selena, and Vanessa Hudgens all got their career kick-start by working for Disney as pre-teens and teens. Even rapper Drake got his start acting when he was 15-years-old on Degrassi!

In honor of the KCAs, Celebuzz! put together a list of our favorite child stars that still show up on the red carpet and are relevant in Hollywood today.

Check out the gallery above to see some of our favorite child stars all grown up!