Caitlyn Jenner Thinks the Country Is Basically Doomed If Hillary Clinton Becomes President

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In which Ted Cruz‘s future “trans-ambassador” has some strong words about Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and some words of praise for Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Caitlyn Jenner and co.’s I Am Cait road trip continues, and things get even more political in this new clip.

Her thoughts on Trump (said to her bewildered friends):

I’m not a big fan because I think of his macho attitude, I think he would have a hard time with women when he doesn’t even realize it. And it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be good for women’s issues, I think he would be very good for women’s issues. I don’t think he’s out there to destroy women or take things away or do any of that kind of stuff.

At that point, people leave the room (well, “living room” portion of the bus to go to another smaller portion).

“I don’t think my views have changed politically since transitioning. We’re talking about the economy, we’re talking about our country surviving. We’re talking about an economic system that can prosper. Just because I’m a woman now doesn’t make me all of a sudden liberal.”

On Hillary versus Donald:

Oh my god yes, I would never, ever, ever vote for Hillary, we’re done! If Hillary becomes president, the country is over.

Candis Cayne goes in on Caitlyn though in terms of what Hillary has in fact done for the country, and it’s pretty awesome all things considered. She tells a protesting Caitlyn:

She’s an amazing woman…There is a lot to love about Hillary. She’s an amazing woman. Things she’s done in her life have been incredible, to go through what she’s gone through, with the rights of women, what she’s gone through it’s been incredible! She’s become a lawyer when it was so hard to become a lawyer, she has served our Senate, she was our Secretary of State…she wasn’t a lousy senator.

Caitlyn retorts:

What has she done in her life?! What has she done? She was a lousy senator. She was horrible. Look at all of the things that are going on in the Middle East, all because of what she did. Look at Benghazi. She lied to us! She’s a f***ing liar!

You want a person that’s going to lie to you?…She’s a political hack. That’s all she is. She’s done nothing!

Candis reflects on talking politics with Caitlyn, “When it comes to debating politics with Caitlyn, it’s not a debate, she just talks, and is yelling at us. That’s an uncomfortable situation.”

Watch Cait explain her conservative views in terms of the upcoming election in the video above.