Celebuzz’d Episode 003: Blank White ‘Formation’ FOMO

Let’s keep the staplers out of this.

Want to know something that gets us buzzing? Here’s a hint. It begins with “cultural” and ends with “insensitivity”. We’ve seen a rise in appropriation in pop music as “cool” elements of black culture have slowly, but surely been plucked from where they belong and sloppily recycled in unkempt “Blank Space(s)”. Think to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”, Miley Cyrus’s incessant twerking and Iggy Azalea almost always. But when did white FOMO, the fear of missing out, become so contagious that it trickled down through the mainstream gutter and into thirsty YouTube covers?

With Beyoncés call to “Formation”, a curtain of blind enthusiasm fell over the eyes and ears of the general public who sought immediate action to renew their membership within the BeyHive. White men and women mounted their DSLR cameras atop baby grand pianos to perform cover after cover, not once stopping to consider that the “negro nose” of which they sang was not their lyric to embody. A black and white filter does not neutralize a culture, nor the societal injustices which they face. Art was never meant to be universal. Sure, Cheddar Bay Biscuits and hot sauce can be shared, but these images are only threads of a much larger and critical social tapestry.

On this third episode of Celebuzz’dCelebuzz’s new podcast, editors Mia Lardiere and Matt Russoniello are joined by VIBE editor Iyana Robertson to discuss the waning nature of covers in pop culture in the instances of “Formation” and Rihanna’s “Work” among other hot topics in this week’s celebrity news.

Here are the stories we talked about in the Kardashian Kountdown:

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