WATCH: Kendra Wilkinson is Ready to Show 6-Year-Old Son Her ‘Playboy’ Spread

“I have no shame.”

Kendra Wilkinson isn’t planning on hiding anything from her past from her children, including the several nude Playboy spreads she posed for during her relationship with Hugh Hefner. Wilkinson sat down with E!News and revealed that while 6-year-old Hank Baskett Jr. hasn’t seen her spread yet, he’s already seen nude Playboy photos and it;s no big deal. “Little Hank’s already been in his [Hefner] office,” she admitted. “Little Hank’s already seen the nude magazines. He’s already seen them! He’s cool.”

When asked if she planned to show little Hank her spread she replied, “Of course I would let little Hank see my Playboy.”  The mother of two then eloborated, insisteting that nudity is no big deal in her househoold. “He sees me naked every day. I have no shame. We take baths together. We take showers together. If you hide something then it becomes more taboo.”

“I do wear a bathing suit in the bath with him, but I don’t mind going in and changing in front of him,” she quickly clarified. “A body is a body; it’s not taboo anymore. I’m so glad we’re breaking through those walls.”

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