Friends Claim Richard Simmons Has Been a Prisoner in His Own Home for Two Years Now

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Those close to Richard Simmons have grown concerned since the fitness guru has disappeared from the public eye for the past two years.

The New York Daily News recently published in-depth article that featured interviews with friends of Richard’s who claim the health star has gone into hiding.

Once a very active personality on the talk show circuit and regularly seen at his Beverly Hills fitness studios, Simmons has all but disappeared from view.

In fact, one of the last times Simmons was see in public was at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2013.

A now-estranged friend of Richards, Mauro Oliveira, who used to be Richard’s assistant and masseur, tells the publication:

I feel that Richard is now being controlled by the very people that he controlled his whole life. Controlled in the sense that they are taking advantage of his weak mental state. Controlled in the sense that they are controlling his mail, controlling his everything. His brother, the manager and Teresa.