Charlie Puth Came for Justin Bieber, Apologized, Then Pretended Nothing Ever Happened

Something smells like rotten beef.

Charlie Puth felt compelled to yell expletives at fellow pop marshmallow Justin Bieber during a performance of his song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” at a concert in  Dallas on Friday, March 11.

“F**k you, Justin Bieber!” he cried out, evoking positive fan reception, as showcased in the video below.

The call-out was presumably a jab at Bieber in regards to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, who is featured on the original track but was not present at the performance.

Puth later apologized on his Twitter account, but mysteriously redacted the Tweets from cyberspace within a matter of minutes.

CREDIT: Twitter

Bieber and Gomez have successfully reminded everyone that they are separated in interviews promoting their latest albums, yet Gomez claims she’s tired of talking about their relationship-on-the-rocks. Recently, social media hammered the singer for shading Bieber in an Instagram post in which she declared her single status to Lil Wayne’s “I’m Single”.

“I was singling back to Lil Wayne,” she wrote in the post’s comments in all-caps. “MY LIFE ISN’T ABOUT MY EX.”

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