Donnie Wahlberg Pens Essay Defending His Love for ‘The Bachelor’

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Donnie Wahlberg loves The Bachelor, and he doesn’t care who knows it!

The popular dating show has a legion of dedicated fans diligently tuning in on Monday nights to see who Ben Higgins will be handing roses to, but it’s not just lovesick women, guys get in on the sappiness too. Even some male celebrities are addicted to the hit ABC show. Former New Kids on the Block member Donnie Wahlberg recently wrote an essay for the Chicago Sun-Times’ Splash section to explain how his wife’s favorite show took over his Monday night. Titled “When Boy Band Karma Meets ‘The Bachelor,'” his essay explores how the harmless dating show crept into his life and took hold.

“This has to be some kind of karmic retribution,” writes Wahlberg. “A turning of the tables for all of those husbands out there who had to put up with their wives wanting to go see the New Kids on The Block reunion concerts. Sweet revenge for the nice-guy hubbies who had to put up with their wives talking about how hunky Jordan was, cute Joey still is or how much of a “bad boy” Donnie was, during his Public Enemy T-shirt-wearing rebellious phase… What other explanation could there be, that could make sense of the fact that … I am addicted to The Bachelor!!!”

The Blue Bloods star went on to explain that he’s so invested in the show, he knows the Bachelor guys backwards and forwards.

“Well there’s Ben (everybody loves him), Chris (the farm boy), Juan Pablo (with the “fake” Spanish accent), Joe (he broke a single mom’s heart, before Ben broke another single girl’s heart, too) and then there’s Jared (the guy who made Ashley cry 74 times in only four episodes).”

The 46-year-old explained that sentimental TV shows always had an effect on him, beginning when he’d sneak into his parents’ bedroom early in the morning as a kid to watch TV before anyone else woke up.

“Something about that TV, those shows and those times, still resonates with me. I think, somehow, this Bachelor stuff all comes from there. With nine kids in the house, we didn’t always get a lot of alone time — nevermind any TV time. We also didn’t get attention from our parents (much like a male contestant on The Bachelorette). But on those mornings, in their bedroom, even when they were sleeping — I felt close to my parents. Safe. That was my time to dream. To laugh. To cry. To imagine another life. One with fewer struggles. One with a whole lot of happy.”

Sure, it’s not morning cartoons anymore but shows like The Bachelor awaken in the actor that childlike wonder at how great life can truly be.

“Maybe I’m hopeless. Maybe I’m just a softie. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m still the kid who watched TV all those years ago and dreamed of having an awesome life like so many people I saw on that old 13-inch Zenith.”