Emma Roberts Is Dying to Have an ‘American Horror Story’ Showdown with Lady Gaga This Season

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Are you listening, Ryan Murphy?

Emma Roberts is thirsty—American Horror Story thirsty for Countess Lady Gaga‘s blood. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress said that she’s prepared to take drastic measures to get back on the AHS stage during this upcoming season.

“Last year, it just didn’t work out ’cause I was still shooting Scream Queens,” said Roberts. “But now that Scream Queens is shooting [season two] in L.A. and not New Orleans, maybe I’ll just have to walk over to the stage and force myself onto the show.”

In fact, she fantasizes of a career moment where she could film a Madison Montgomery-esque showdown with Horror Story‘s latest ice queen, Miss Lady Gaga.

“My dream,” Roberts gushed at the prospect. “My dream. Do you hear that? My dream!”

Gaga was offered a role in the upcoming season of AHS and confirmed in a recent interview with Elvis Duran that she will be returning to the show—it’s just a matter of when.

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