How Kristin Cavallari Turned to Her Kids for Strength After Brother’s Sudden Death

Kristin Cavallari Snuggles with Daughter After Car Wreck
Nothing is better than snuggling on the road to recovery!

It’s been a rough few months for Kristin Cavallari following the death of her brother.

The Hills alum, who welcomed daughter Saylor with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler in November 2015, experienced childbirth and death almost all at once when she discovered that her missing brother Michael was found dead from hypothermia and exposure to cold just three weeks after she had given birth. According to Cavallari, she had to turn to her kids for strength during one of the darkest periods of her life.

“I’m okay. I’m going to have good days and bad days, but I’ve really found a lot of strength in my kids, especially Saylor. I couldn’t just fall apart — I had a little baby to look after,” she told People. “When you lose someone, it really makes you realize how precious life is, and so I’m just thankful that I have my babies and I’m thankful for everything in my life.”

Cavallari, 29, is also the mother of two boys: sons Jaxon Wyatt, 1, and Camden Jack, 3.

“Saylor is such a mellow, easy baby, and I have heard that girls are easier in the earlier stages, in the teen years they’re a little bit more work,” Cavallari said of her newborn, adding that her older children are “really cute” with their baby sister. “They lay on the floor with her and they talk to her and she smiles and laughs, and she just thinks that they’re great.”

“The first week was tough with Jaxon,” she continued. “He would get upset every time I was nursing her, he’d grab my Boppy pillow and he’d throw himself on the ground, but once we got through that little phase, it’s been smooth sailing since.”