Madonna Calls ‘Sexism’ on Media Claims that She Was Drunk and High While on Stage

Get ready for a clap back.

Madonna is firing back at tabloid reports which claim that she was drunk and high during a recent concert in Melbourne, Australia. The Rebel Heart performer screenshotted a Facebook post from a fan named Remington Graves and reposted it to her Instagram account to express her commentary on the matter.

The fan’s post reads:

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on


“Thanks for supporting me,” Madonna wrote in the caption of the photo. “Too bad people don’t know the art of acting and playing a character. I could never do any of my shows high or drunk. And yes underlying all of this is sexism and misogyny which proves that not only do we not get equal pay but we are still treated like heretics if we step out of line and think outside the box! Sexism is alive and kicking but I am #livingforlove.”

The reports that followed Madonna’s Melbourne concert portrayed her performance as a “booze-guzzling” “meltdown” amid her custody battle with Guy Ritchie over their son, RoccoRadarOnline even went so far as to claim that the singer was mixing “booze and pills”.

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