Some People Are Saying There Was No DNA Detected on the Knife Found on O.J. Simpson’s Property

The Juice might be pressed clean out of this one.

LAPD detectives allegedly came short of finding any further evidence in the O.J. Simpson trial after finding a buried buck knife on his property last week. Sources tell TMZ that DNA testing returned inconclusive because the microbes in the soil degraded any genetic material on the weapon, plus there were no additional hair or body samples to produce another lead.

The LAPD has not released official results, but tabloid reports that the investigation is over.

A construction worker purportedly found the knife years ago on the property when the house was demolished and gave it to an off-duty police officer in the traffic division who was employed with the traffic division. The cop held on to the knife for years until he retired, and later wanted to mount it on his wall with the Departmental Record number for the Nicole Brown Simpson murder engraved on the frame. He requested the number from a friend who worked in the LAPD’s Robbery Homicide Division, who told his superiors and demanded that the retired cop turn over the evidence.