Did Zayn Malik Just Shade Kim Kardashian for Her Nude Selfie?

There must be an overcast because things are sure getting shady up in here.

Zayn Malik got a few people riled up when he seemingly threw some shade at Kim Kardashian on Tuesday (Mar. 15, 2016) when he tweeted out a somewhat sarcastic message about loving superficial people who care about hot bodies instead of books.

However, once folks started accusing the “Pillowtalk” singer of slightly slut-shaming Kardashian, who recently received tons of flack for sharing a selfie featuring full frontal nudity, Malik quickly backed off. In his defense, he insisted that he wasn’t referencing Kardashian’s now-infamous naked picture. (Even though, like, that is all anyone has been talking about in the past few days.)

To further his argument that he was totally not shading Kardashian, Malik then began to try really hard retweeted and responded to a bunch of fans that were defending him.

Malik’s girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid, even had to jump in to his defense.

Ah yes, nothing says you’re totally not talking about something by constantly bringing it up.