Academy Apologizes for Asian Jokes, Pledges to ‘Be More Culturally Sensitive’

Remember that joke at the Oscars involving three little Asian kids? Yeah, you weren’t the only one cringing…

After several controversial jokes made their way into the telecast of the 88th Academy Awards, one of which was a pretty flagrant poke at Asian stereotypes, several prominent Academy members signed a letter expressing their misgivings about the tone of the awards show. Among the signers was veteran actor George Takei, actress Sandra Oh and director Ang Lee.

In response, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released an apology.

“The Academy appreciates the concerns stated, and regrets that any aspect of the Oscar telecast was offensive,” the group’s statement said. “We are committed to doing our best to ensure that material in future shows be more culturally sensitive.”

This has been a particularly controversial year for the Oscars, which were at the center of the #OscarsSoWhite protest and transgender Oscar nominee Anohni’s canceled performance (presumably because she isn’t a Top 40 artist like Lady Gaga) and her subsequent choice to not attend.

Let’s hope the Academy can weather all these storms!