Chelsea Handler Finally Reveals Details About Her New Talk Show on Netflix

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She does not hesitate to speak her mind!

She did it in the most Chelsea Handler way.

The comedian finally shared details about what to expect from her new Netflix talk show — and she did it by posting a hilarious handwritten note to herself on Twitter. The note reads like a checklist of goals and details what goes into having a talk show. First rule: don’t even think about having a baby.

She followed that up by announcing the show will premiere on May 11, and there will be three 30-minute episodes per week, each released Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. She also hints at the types of guests she would like to appear by naming her “dream guest list,” which includes Michelle Obama, Pope Francis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s maid.

Although there’s no mention of talk show’s name, she does give herself some important advice. “Once an episode is up and streaming on Netflix, it will be available until the end of time, so put a little more thought into what you say this time around,” she writes.

She wraps up the note perfectly, writing, “You wanted a new show, you got it. You wanted to be on Netflix, you are. You wanted to spread your wings, now fly bitch.” Fly, bitch, fly!