GIVEAWAY: Win an Autographed Copy of Gwen Stefani’s New Album ‘This Is What The Truth Feels Like’

WATCH: Gwen Stefani Releases Live 'Make Me Like You' Music Video
Gwen Stefani made history last night at the Grammys...

Are you ready to win some Gwen Stefani music?

Gwen Stefani is releasing her first studio solo album, This Is What The Truth Feels Like, in a decade, and you could win a signed copy!

Judging by the names of the songs, lovesick anguish will be potent in songs like “Me Without You,” “Red Flag,” and the album’s opener, the aptly-titled “Misery.” A lot of great music comes out of hurt, and I’m sure Gwen will not disappoint us!

Gwen Stefani This Is What The Truth Feels Like

This is the tracklist for the album:

1. Misery
2. You’re My Favorite
3. Where Would I Be
4. Make Me Like You
5. Truth
6. Used To Love You
7. Send Me A Picture
8. Red Flag
9. Asking For It
10. Naughty
11. Me Without You
12. Rare

All you have to do is enter is leave a comment in the comment section below as to why you should win. You have until Friday, March 18, 2016 midnight PST.

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You can pre-order This Is What The Truth Feels Like here.