WATCH: Adele Helps Newly Engaged Couple Celebrate Mid-Concert

WATCH: Adele Surprises Fans and Asks Them to Perform at Her Concert
Just so you know, if you make Adele cry with your talent, she will reward you.

Prepare for the tears…

On Tuesday night, Adele began a six-night residency at London’s O2 Arena where she performed the gorgeous ballad “Make You Feel My Love.” During the song, a commotion broke out in the crowd; several people were filming and taking pictures of something…the songstress herself even noticed on stage.

Well, it turns out a guy in the crowd was asking his girlfriend to marry him! As the song ended, Adele asked, “Did you two just get engaged?”

The couple said yes and the British singer immediately told them to come on stage! “I thought there was a fight at first! I saw all of the camera-phone lights at first and then I saw arms went up and I saw sweet kissing.”

Once the two made it to Adele, she hugged them and had the concert videographer get a closeup of her ring, so the whole crowd could get a look. When the performer asked how long they’d been dating, the newly engaged woman replied, “Twelve and a half years.”

Adele asked her, “How did you hear him with me wailing away?”

The bride-to-be responded, “This is our song.”

Check it out: