WATCH: Rihanna Put in ‘Work’ All up on Drake and He Couldn’t Even Deal

That awkward moment when you lose all maintenance of cool during your own surprise performance.

Drake has come a long way in negating his nerd points since his time on Degrassi, but his body and mind simply weren’t ready to handle all everything that Rihanna had to offer when she backed it up on him during a cameo at her ANTI World Tour performance in Miami.

Here we see a very calm and collected Drake in the “Work” music video, containing himself like a grown man should.


And now, here he is IRL struggling to keep it together while playing with Rihanna’s 🔥.


And again.


Watch their performance below, and launch the gallery at the top of the page to view photos of Rihanna and Drake partying with Kendall Jenner.