WATCH: Henry Cavill Admits to Reading Fan Forums ‘All the Time’

Superman is reading your comments!

Henry Cavill, the chiseled actor portraying the alien from Krypton in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, sat down with TodayOnline to chat about his on-screen rivalry with Bruce Wayne’s masked alter ego (played by Ben Affleck). During the chat, Cavill revealed that he’s been checking out fans’ thoughts on his performance!

When asked if he ever looks at fan forums, the 32-year-old said, “ I do it all the time… I never comment because commenting is adding bias to the argument.”

The striking actor went on to explain not only why he likes knowing what fans are thinking, but also what makes the DC Universe so appealing.

“I enjoy watching it… Okay, to simplify this, the most wonderful thing about superheroes and the especially the DC Universe is that each superhero represents a personality trait and each group of fans tend to have that same personality trait. And so when you go to different fan pages which are tailored to one superhero, you start to see a similarity in personality trait.”

That’s a lot of explaining…why not just admit you wanna know what fans think?!

Regardless, next time you decide to sound off on his on-screen persona, remember: Henry is watching…