12 Questions We Still Have After The ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Finale

What. Just. Happened.



1. Is the suitcase of money Frank set Eggs 911 with, the same suitcase of money from the 90s?

2. Why did they let Annalise walk free after a failed murder attempt?

3. Does Annalise know Frank is to blame for the car accident? Or is she just mad because of Lila?

4. Or is she just mad because of Lila?

5.Where is Rebecca’s body? We didn’t forget about Rebecca…

6. Are Asher and Michaela going to keep hooking up?

7. Why does Michaela have the worst taste in men?

8. Why didn’t Annalise fill in her eyebrows back in the 90s? Surely eyebrow pencils existed…

9. Why does Laurel keep playing Frank like he’s not fine as shit?

10. Did Caleb commit suicide, or is this all a setup?


12. Is Wes ever going to catch a break?