7 of the Most WTF Moments from Season 2 of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

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Because honestly, WTF have we been watching?!

This season of How to Get Away with Murder has been a total shit show, and I mean that in the best way possible. Between the insane amount of murders (I know it’s the name of the show, but truly, how many people can Shonda Rhimes kill?), the hookups, and confusing flashbacks, it’s been one hell of a season. As HTGAWM wraps season two, we’re taking a look back at its most WTF moments.


1. Bonnie killed Rebecca
We knew Rebecca was dead at the end of the first season, and luckily it didn’t take long into the second season to find out her killer. Bonnie, Annalise’s right-hand woman (I wouldn’t go as far as to call them best friends), suffocated Rebecca to keep her from spilling Annalise’s secrets, but adding another body to their growing list of victims did nothing but add more drama to the mix.


2. Asher killed Emily Sinclair

Truthfully Asher could only make it so far being the only one who hasn’t committed or assisted a murder and yet, NO ONE SAW IT COMING. How he manages to continue booty popping all around Annelise’s house after running Sinclair over and hearing her body crunch (his words not mine) is beyond me.

3. Wes shot Annalise

We all know violence is never the answer, but in the context of the TV show, if anyone deserved to shoot Annalise, it was definitely Wes, right?


4. Wes is really Christophe

It’s been obvious from day one that Annelise had a connection with Wes that went well beyond teacher and student, but not even Wes knew how connected they were. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that Wes’s aka Christophe’s mother Rose was a witness for one of Annelise’s cases back in the 90’s. When she refused to cooperate with Annalise’s clients, she killed herself and asked Annalise to take care of her son. Which is how Wes ended up off the wait list, and in Annalise’s class.

5. Annalise was pregnant

I think I’ll just quote my roommate on this one, “WTF, where is her baby?!?!?” Uh yea, that was literally everyone’s first thought when a flashback showed Annalise nine months pregnant. And even though you had to know the baby wasn’t going to make it, it didn’t make her car accident any less tragic.

6. Laurel tells Annalise Frank killed Lila
When you have as many secrets as the Keating 5, it is NEVER a good idea to get drunk, and yet, that’s exactly what they did, under the advisement of Annalise no less! Well, Annalise’s demand that they go get a drink and blow off some steam came back to bite her in the ass at the end when Laurel revealed Lila’s real killer. This whole time Annalise had been under the impression her husband killed the college student, which justified her in covering up his murder. But this new information and knowing Frank lied to her, was enough to make the lawyer run away to her mother’s house.


7. Wes’s father is alive

After finding out he didn’t murder his mother after all, Wes was dealt a devastating blow when he learned not only was his mother a victim of rape, her rapist, his father, is still very much alive.  Which begs the question: IS HE NEXT ON THE MURDER LIST?!