The 11 Best New Songs of the Week: Bat for Lashes, Ariana Grande, Zayn Malik, and More

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So much new music is released each week that it’s impossible to hear it all. Not that you’d want to; a lot of it isn’t so hot. But let us help simplify your search for new sounds with a roundup of the week’s 11 best new songs. Trust us. We have good taste. (And check out last week’s collection if you’re hunger has still not been sated.)

Bat For Lashes – “In God’s House”

Natasha Kahn, who writes and performs as Bat For Lashes, confirmed last week the good news that her fourth album, The Bride, will be released on July 1. The Bride is a concept album following a character, the titular bride, who loses her groom-to-be in a fatal crash on their wedding day and then embarks on a solo honeymoon trip that results in “a dark meditation on love, loss, grief, and celebration.” “In God’s House” finds the bride waiting in the church for her love, only she knows, intuitively, something’s gone horribly wrong. The wistfully beautiful and haunting track features glimmering synths and lyrics like “through this veil they can’t see / the fog of death envelop me,” all of which points to a very, very promising record indeed. – Matt

Gwen Stefani – “Misery”

Gee, what (who?) could she be talking about. Despite the title, the song is seems to be an anthem about Stefani’s new relationship with Blake Shelton. “I’m so into you totally / You’re like drugs to me / So put me out of my misery / Hurry up, come see me / Enough, enough of this suffering / hurry up, come see me,” the she belts out in the chorus. It is a glorious “happiness” anthem. Gwen is definitely at the top of her pop game. – Michael

ZAYN – Like I Would

I didn’t fully hop on board the Zayn train until he released “Like I Would,” and I can’t stress how much I binge-listened to it after it came out last week. It’s really my kind of jam: nice-enough vocals, a good background beat, and a hook that’ll get stuck in your head unless you listen to it 55 times in a row, like I did. – Kaitlyn

Weezer – “California Kids”

It’s official: I’ve found my Summer Jam of 2016. An updated version of a song from Rivers Cuomo’s side project, Weezer’s “California Kids” is upbeat, infectious, and poppy-but-not-too-poppy. It’s one of those songs that makes you want to get into your car and drive to the beach. But seeing how Google Maps is currently telling me that there’s traffic on the 10 again, I’ll just settle listening to this on repeat in the office. (Plus, the boys from “Damn, Daniel” make an appearance in the new music video!) – Gabi

Tyrese – “Addict”

Tyrese is a free agent as far as I’m concerned, so I’m going to go ahead and make the official claim that his sultry lyrics to “Addict” are about me. He’s just silky and smooth here as he is on every other track that his voice has touched. You’ll be addicted with one hit, and thats a fact. – Mia

Andrew Bird – “Roma Fade”

Everyone’s favorite (or maybe just my favorite?) indie troubadour is back, and this time he brought with him the m*****f***ing whistling! The jaunty “Roma Fade” is the third taste of Bird’s upcoming Are You Serious, and sonically, with its sweeping strings and propelling percussion, it recalls some of his classic tunes like “Fake Palindromes.” Welcome back, Bird! – Matt


The opening of this song by LANY makes me feel like I’m living in pre-date 80’s montage, which is enough for me to give it a thumbs up even though the lyrics aren’t quite all there. Poetry never was to be expected by a band with an affinity for acronyms. – Mia

Faulkner – “These Kids Nowadays”

The first single from Faulkner’s debut EP, Revanchist, is “These Kids Nowadays,” which was co-produced by RZA. RZA says he was “instantly impressed:” “They gave me a demo of the song, and it sounded very interesting. So I said, ‘OK, let me come on in and see what kind of energy we have.’ And it turned out to be a great energy.” The song features some amazing dark melodies and is a great mix of rock and synth. Think of a darker Tears for Fears. – Michael

Lucius – “My Heart Got Caught on Your Sleeve”

Lucius, of the big voices and big harmonies and big blasts of soul-soothing indie-pop, returned last week with their sophomore album, Good Grief, and it just about lives up to the promise of lead single “Born Again Teen.” Highlights include previous single “Something About You,” “Gone Insane,” “Almighty Gosh,” “Better Look Back,” and “My Heart Got Caught on Your Sleeve,” in which Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig’s voices melt together in blissful, heart-wrenching beauty-pain that will transport you to that place inside yourself that feels light years away. – Matt

Kiiara – Feels (Jai Wolf Remix)

In case you haven’t heard of Kiiara yet, here’s proof that you should take a listen to her ASAP. I’ve been obsessed with her song “Gold” ever since it debuted on The Fader last year, back when she was a 20-year-old hardware store clerk by day. You may have recently heard her song “Say Anymore,” as it was featured in the Love Magazine video starring bae Kendall Jenner as she modeled Calvin Klein. This week, Jai Wolf remixed “Feels” and it’s a super remix to an already-great song. – Kaitlyn

Ariana Grande – “Dangerous Woman”

Regardless if you love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Ariana Grande has an incredible voice. It’s always tricky to make your lead single a slow jam, but I think Grande has the pipes and talent to put “Dangerous Woman” over the edge. – Gabi

Full Disclosure: I’ve never been a huge fan of Ariana Grande. At best (“Break Free”), her music was half-baked and derivative, and at worst (“Focus”), it was farcically, laughably, desperately bad. “Dangerous Woman,” however, shows great maturation, and if she continues to push her sound in this direction, maybe, one day, I will indeed be able to call myself a fan. (Though I will forever refuse to call myself an Arianator.)  – Matt

Come back next week (and not a moment before then! JK!) for another batch of fresh music.