‘Crossroads’ Director Opens Up About Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s ‘Beautiful Relationship’

Talk about a throwback Thursday!

Back in the last 90s and early 00s, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were the it couple in Hollywood. If you don’t remember, think Brangelina, with fewer kids and way more denim. Fans of the popstar’s were sure the duo were destined for wedded bliss, so they were devastated when the couple ultimately called it quits in 2003.

Now, more than a decade later the director of Spears debut film, Crossroads Tamra Davis is revealing just how adorable the couple was before it all came to an end.

“I have the book. All she was writing was ‘Britney and Justin,’ all these little curlicues. It was like looking at a teenage girl’s musings — hearts and butterflies and Justin’s name,” Davis told Broadly.

“It was just the most beautiful relationship, seeing the two of them together and how love-y they were. They were just so close, and she was such a supporter of his. He worked just as hard as her,” she elaborated. “It was like, she would be doing rehearsals and he would be doing rehearsals. They really knew that life together.”