David Beckham Is Insanely Dashing on New GQ

Having a rocky day? Press pause with the one and only David Beckham.

Victoria Beckham’s sexy husband sat down with the men’s magazine where he talked about the sport that brought him wealth and fame, but also his new normal with four kids and his plans for the future.

“I’m secure as a person, as a husband, as a dad. I’ve gone past the point of really worrying, caring,” Beckham told GQ. Although he is the picture of the well-adjusted adult, taking pride in his parenting and the career he is building, Beckham admits he misses being on a team and out on the field.

“I miss soccer everyday,” he said. “I don’t know whether it’s the athlete in me, or the passion I have for the game: I always think that I can step back on the field and play… It was always going to be difficult, no matter what I’d set up, no matter how many children I have got to take my mind off things. There was always going to be a moment when I finished playing, that I was going to find tough. Um, it wasn’t straightaway, but I had a three-week spell when I was really struggling…”

The smoldering patriarch also discussed how difficult it is to want to shield his children from the public eye while also wanting them to find their way into adulthood. Soon, his son Brooklyn Beckham, who is honing his skills as a photographer, will be shooting a Burberry fragrance ad. This is the kind of job 16-year-olds don’t get…ever. Although it’s a huge opportunity for a photographer, at any age, Brooklyn’s dad believes his son deserves the chance to prove himself.

“We’ve always protected our children, but we’ve always been honest with them, as well: There are going to be things said about you, about us, that aren’t true,” said Beckham. “Brooklyn is 16 coming on 17, and we know he’ll have opportunities because of us. But he’s making opportunities for himself, too. So far we’ve been very lucky that he’s found a passion. Whether people believe it or not, he’s got talent. He’s got a great eye––and proven that in the images he’s taken.”

David Beckham Covers the New Issue of GQ Magazine
CREDIT: Alasdair McLellan

Beckham also shows his vulnerable side in the interview, even admitting he’s cried watching Friends episodes alone, loves taking his dog Olive for walks in Hyde Park, and lives for Sundays, in which no one in the family works and they all just spend it together.

“I get physically ill when I have to leave the kids now,” Beckham said.

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