Movie Casting Update: Gregg Sulkin Updates His Status, ‘Walking Dead’ Star Steven Yeun Must Survive the ‘Mayhem’

We have looked everywhere for the latest movie casting news and compiled all the best stories featuring Gregg Sulkin, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Steven Yeun!

Sulkin, star of MTV’s Faking It, has been cast to star in an indie film about a social experiment gone awry. He’ll play a high school quarterback and wannabe journalist who changes his Facebook status from “single” to “interested in men,” and then plans to document the ways in which people’s behavior toward him changes. But a classmate who likes him creates a video honoring the young athlete. Naturally, the video is an internet sensation and Sulkin’s character becomes a hero for gay teens, despite the fact that he isn’t gay. Can he keep the secret?! We’ll just have to wait and see. [The Wrap]

A new Western is underway and Jamie-Lynn Sigler has joined the cast. The film, titled Justice, is about a mine being retrofitted into a fort by gang of bandits unhappy with the conclusion of the Civil War. Soon a U.S. Marshal arrives and discovers his brother has been murdered, setting in motion a series of events. It’s not clear yet what Sigler’s role will be, but we’re hoping she’s not “the female cowering in the general store.” [Deadline]

Do you love The Walking Dead?! Well, Steven Yeun has landed a starring role in Mayhem, a new action adventure film about a terrifying virus unleashed in a corporate building. The virus causes people to act on their most extreme impulses. So David Saunders (Yeun) is force to do battle with his newly infected co-workers. [Variety]