6 Things to Get You Caught up Before Watching Season 2 of ‘Daredevil’

Charlie Cox and Rosario Dawson Believe ‘Daredevil’ Is a Role Model for Kids with Disability
Yes, the Marvel comic book character is a masked hero, but he’s also a blind man who overcame his disability.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Can’t wait to get off work so you can binge your way through the second season of Netflix’s hit series Daredevil? You’re not alone! But it’s likely you watched season one months ago and all the show’s major plot points are a little fuzzy now. Fear not!

We’ve got a simple refresher to get you back up to speed before rejoining Matt, Froggy and the rest of the gang in Hell’s Kitchen. Enjoy!

1) Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) may be blind, but his other senses are crazy powerful, making him able to navigate and fight extremely well. He’s a lawyer by day, trying to defend society’s underdogs, but at night he takes to the streets to rescue his city from crime and corruption.

2) Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio), the crime kingpin of season one first made Daredevil his nemesis by blowing up the Russians’ properties and blaming it on the masked vigilante. If you recall, this lead to a particularly emotional standoff in which the crimefighter escaped a warehouse surrounded by cops who now believe he is public enemy number one.

3) Throughout season one, Matt befriends an ER nurse named Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson), who first helps him with his injuries and becomes an ally in the fight against crime. For a time, she hides out at Matt’s apartment where a romance soon blossoms.

4) We are introduced to “Stick” (Scott Glenn), a brutally honest one-time mentor to Matt, who is also blind and has super-sensory abilities enabling him to do impossible feats. Stick explains how Matt became such a formidable fighter, although the two are not on good terms. Stick enlists Matt’s help to take out a mysterious weapon that is actually a small boy being transported by a Japanese crime syndicate.

5) Ben Urich (Vondie Curtis-Hall), a journalist attempting to uncover Fisk’s dirty dealings, visits the kingpin’s mother and learns that the crime lord killed his father as a small boy. When Fisk discovers this, he strangles Urich when he returns to his apartment one night.

6) Wearing his new red superhero suit, Matt and Fisk face-off in a particularly violent battle. Matt prevails and turns Fisk over to the police. Soon, authorities have nicknamed the masked crimefighter “Daredevil.”

Now…on to season two!