Alexis Bledel Reunites with TV Grandma Kelly Bishop on ‘Gilmore Girls’ Set

A ‘Gilmore Girls’ Wedding Might Be Happening
Are wedding bells ringing in Stars Hollow?

This Gilmore Girls reunion makes us really happy.

Alexis Bledel reunited with her TV grandmother Kelly Bishop on the set of Netlix’s Gilmore Girls revival on Thursday (Mar. 17, 2016). The two appeared in a photo on Instagram posted with Tanc Sade, who plays Logan’s BFF, Finn. The snap basically proves that Rory and Emily Gilmore have not aged a day since the show wrapped up almost 10 years ago.

Missing from the action was Lorelai (Lauren Graham), who would have made the photo that much better. But, while it’s hard to imagine Friday night dinners without Richard — Edward Herrmann passed away in 2014 — it’s nice to see the gang all together again.

Graham, who celebrated her 49th birthday this week, has been busy filming scene for the upcoming revival, too. “Your bday wishes yesterday were the sweetest,” she tweeted. “And that I got to read them in between saying Lorelai words was surreal/wonderful. Thanks!”