WATCH: Ariana Grande Does a Perfect Judy Garland in Deleted ‘SNL’ Clip

WATCH: Ariana Grande's Musical Impressions
Ariana took on Britney, Celine, Shakira, Rihanna and Whitney.

We already knew that Ariana Grande could do some dead-on singing impersonations, but who knew this pint-sized diva could deliver a fabulous Judy Garland.

In this video clip from Saturday Night Live, Grande plays a delightful Judy Garland in the fictional 1961 B-Movie, Up We Go in Our Fantastic Rocket.

22-year-old Ariana delivered a spot-on version of Captain Judy Garland, in the fake musical sci-fi flick, both in her acting as well as singing as the late, great Hollywood icon.

This video was sadly cut for time and not included in last Saturday’s episode of SNL, but fortunately was posted on the show’s YouTube channel.