DJ Khaled Shows Jimmy Kimmel the Major Keys to SnapChat

WATCH: DJ Khaled, Lost on a Jetski, Navigates His Way through the Waters of Miami on Snapchat
A rapper's KEY to finding your his back to shore is by finding ANOTHER ONE

“Listerine is a major key to success.”

It is common knowledge that DJ Khaled is the undisputed king of SnapChat. Jimmy Kimmel on the other hand, not so much. In fact, the late night talk show host doesn’t even have a Snap account. So last night, Khaled stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and told Kimmel all of the major keys of SnapChat.

Khaled began by teaching Kimmel about “fan love.”  He explained why the most major key to success is to always show your fans love because you never know when you’ll need those same fans to save your life, like when Khaled got stuck out at sea on a jet ski.

Next, the duo headed to Khaled’s bungalow, for “Bungalow Talk,” where he dropped a ton of more major keys. Listerine, major key. Cinnamon Toast Crunch scented candles, major key. Welch’s fruit snacks, major key.

Launch the video up top to see Khaled’s entire SnapChat lesson.